Go To…

Need to quickly jump to a specific table or database? Use View —> Go To… to open the Go To window, where you can just type a few characters to narrow down to the item you want to jump to.

Query View: Format Query Text

Right-click in the query text in the Query view to format the selected query. Querious can re-indent the queries, change keyword and function case, or even minify the SQL to make it as compact as possible.

Import / Export: Dragging CSV Columns

When importing or exporting from CSV, you'll need to choose which columns to import/export. In Querious, this is done really quickly by simply dragging and dropping the columns.

  • Want to grab all columns? Select one and press Cmd-A
  • Want to select a group of columns? Select one, hold Shift and click on another to select a range.

Table Content: Duplicate Rows, Columns

If you want to duplicate a row in the Table Content view, you can either right-click on the row and select "Duplicate", or you can hold Option and click the + button at the bottom of the window.

Table Content: Set Value in Multiple Rows

In the Table Content view, select any number of rows, right-click on a column value in one of those rows, and select "Set Value for 'Field Name' in rows…" to be set all of the selected rows to have a new value for that column. You'll then specify the value in a new window.