MySQL Users

The Server Users view provides an interface to create and edit users on the MySQL server, as well as control their privileges.

In MySQL, privileges are always granted to a user name combined with the host name the client is connecting from. In Querious, these user-host combinations are organized by user, with the allowed hosts assigned to that user nested inside of them in the user list.

To create a user:

  1. Click on the Add button below the Users list and select “Add User…” from the menu.
  2. Enter the user’s name into the newly-selected user in the Users list and press Return.

By default, a single wildcard host (%) is added to the user, allowing the user to connect from anywhere.

To change a user’s password:


To edit a user’s privileges:

  1. Select the user and reveal the list of allowed hosts for that user.
  2. Select an allowed host for that user.
  3. To universally apply a set of privileges to all database, tables, columns, etc, select the “Global Privileges” item from the “Privileges Scope” list. Privileges set when this item is selected apply to all databases and tables where no overrides are selected.
  4. To provide specific privileges limited to a single database or table, click on the checkbox next to that database or table in the Privileges Scope list. With the checkbox selected and the database/table selected, the privileges options displayed apply only to the selected database/table.