Querious can export databases and tables to CSV, Tab, and SQL. The settings for CSV and Tab exporting can be tweaked to meet special requirements to enhance compatability with other programs, and there are numerous options for SQL.

General Exporting

Exporting SQL

When exporting SQL, the SQL file that is created can contain the table content from multiple tables (in the form of INSERT statements). To pick which tables are included in the file, click on the checkbox next to each table in the Tables list. The CREATE statements for views, functions, procedures, triggers, and events in the database can also be exported. By selecting all of these objects, an sql file will be exported containing a faithful reproduction of the entire selected database.

From a Single Database

To focus on exporting just a single database or items within a single database, select the database from the popup. This is the default which occurs when right-clicking on a schema object in the sidebar and selecting Export….

Entire Server

You can export an “entire server” to an SQL file. First select Entire Server from the popup. Then, choose the individual databases and users to export.


Hover over any of the options to see the tooltip explanation of what the option does.

Exporting to CSV or Tab

When exporting a table to a CSV or Tab file, you can pick which individual columns to export to the file, what order the columns should appear in, and what header names the columns will use (if the file includes column headers in the first row).