Using Querious, you can easily duplicate a table including all of its data on the same server into the same database, a different database, or even copy it to a completely different server. And, not only can you duplicate a table this way, you can duplicate an entire database. This is a powerful feature that is a great time saver.

To duplicate a database or table:

  1. Right-click on the database or table in the primary sidebar view when the Content or Structure views is shown and select Duplicate… from the contextual menu.

  2. If duplicating to a different server, select the server from the “To Server” popup. This is the server the selected item will be duplicated onto. (Select “Current Server” to duplicate it next to the existing item.)

  3. When duplicating a table, enter the name of the database and the name of the new table. When duplicating a database, enter the name of the new database.

  4. Click “Duplicate…”

Selecting the “Include table content” option will copy the data of the selected table (all tables when duplicating an entire database) into the new table(s). When duplicating a database, all views, triggers, functions, procedures, and events will also be created in the new database.