Recording Discord Audio

By default, Discord's audio will be recorded by Screenflick, but if you've changed the Discord audio output device (for example, to your headphones) you'll need to change that setting again. Inside Discord's settings, simply select the "Default" value for the "Output Device" setting in "Voice Settings". To get Discord to play audio out to your headphones, select your headphones from the audio settings in your Mac's "System Preferences".

1) System Preferences

Inside System Preferences, select your headphones so the other chat participants' voices don't get picked up by your microphone.

Select "Headphones" for the system output device.

2) Discord

In Discord, select the "Default" device. Note: After changing this setting, you will not hear any audio coming from Discord UNTIL you start a recording in Screenflick. After you start the recording, you will hear everything just fine.

3) Screenflick

Lastly, Inside Screenflick, select your microphone device and turn on recording System Audio as well.

In Screenflick, select the microphone device, and turn on system audio recording.