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Version 2.7 — $35 — Requires OS X 10.7 or Later

How to Use Screenflick’s Record and Export Controls

Easy, yet powerful.

While Screenflick has a variety of features to offer a lot of flexibility, it’s still very easy to use. It’s this combination of ease and power that make Screenflick such a useful tool for everything from recording video games to instructional training videos.

Step 1: Recording Settings

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Step 2: Screen Selection

After choosing the recording settings, select which area of the screen you want to record. You can drag a rectangle with the mouse to select any specific area, click on a window to record just that window’s area, enter specific sizing, enter an aspect ratio and select a rect of any size, or use one of several helpful presets, such as “Full Screen.”

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Step 3: Recording

After starting the recording, you can pause, resume, or stop it at any time using the configurable keyboard shortcuts. You can also use the global menu in the top right of the menu bar.

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Step 4: Export Options

A major strength of Screenflick is its capability to tweak the recorded movie’s appearance after it has been recorded. For example, Screenflick can hide the mouse cursor for video games, but show mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts for software demos. You can even customize the style of the click and keypress display. You can also enable picture-in-picture video overlays when recording from a video camera was enabled, or export the camera movie separately for special handling in an external video editor.

Step 5: Export Formats

Screenflick exports to a variety of movie file formats, including MPEG-4 (mp4), QuickTime (mov), Flash (f4v), Animated GIF, and other formats supported by installed QuickTime components, such as those for Windows Media or VPX. Screenflick also includes some helpful panels for easily exporting to a YouTube-friendly movie, and ProRes for importing into professional video editors such as Final Cut Pro X.

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But wait — there’s more!

That’s all it takes to use Screenflick, and a variety of its advanced features. It’s a cinch! But that’s not all Screenflick is capable of. More advanced users will love the ability to create time lapse screen recordings, tweak recording settings for performance, and even remotely control Screenflick from another device! All of this combined, makes Screenflick the best screen recorder for macOS.