How do I record Skype calls?

It's easy! To record Skype calls with Screenflick, you simply need to change the "Speakers" setting in Skype's Audio/Video preferences to "Same as System" or "Soundflower (2ch)" so the audio is recorded.

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How do I record Zoom audio?

By default Zoom will get recorded right out of the box, but if you've changed your Zoom audio settings, you may need to simply change them again. It'll take 2 seconds.

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How do I record Discord audio?

By default Discord will get recorded right out of the box, but if you've changed your Discord audio settings, you may need to simply change them again. It'll take 2 seconds.

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How do I record GarageBand or Logic Pro audio?

Simple! Change the "Output Device" setting in Logic or GarageBand's preferences to "System Setting", and turn on the "Record System Audio" checkbox in Screenflick. That's it!

What is Screenflick Loopback?

Screenflick Loopback is the preferred way to record system audio on your Mac, instead of Soundflower.

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Why can I not record DVDs, movies in iTunes, or Netflix/Hulu/etc in Safari?

This is because of DRM protection built into macOS and controlled by Apple which prevents you from recording it. You'll have the same issue with any screen recording software because this is something Apple does. (It's not a limitation of Screenflick.) There are some work arounds however.

Safari implements DRM to protect the video it plays from being recorded, so things like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu etc can't be recorded. Google Chrome doesn't yet implement any DRM so you should be able to play it in Chrome and record it.

If you're recording a clip from a DVD using the Apple DVD Player application, you can use an application called "VLC" as a work around.

Recording DVD Clips

Why isn't audio from this application being recorded?

When you start a recording with system audio turned on, Screenflick switches the system-wide default audio output device to the "Screenflick Loopback" virtual audio device, which Screenflick then uses as an input to record audio from. Some programs unfortunately will play all audio over a specific output device determined when the application launched rather than always using the current system setting which can lead to problems like this.

What needs to happen is the program playing audio needs to decide that it should play that audio to the Screenflick Loopback device, rather than your speakers. There are two ways this can happen.

  1. Launch the program which plays the audio after you start a Screenflick recording. (The system output device will be Screenflick Loopback and the program will therefore use it.)
  2. Before starting the program, go into System Preferences and change the system output audio device to "Screenflick Loopback" manually, start the program which will play audio, and then start the recording in Screenflick when you're ready. (After the recording ends, don't forget to change the system output device back to your speakers.)
  3. A third option which doesn't always exist, is that the program playing audio may have a preference setting for which audio device to play audio to. Check the program's preferences just in case. If it does have a setting, set it to "Screenflick Loopback" while recording.

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How can I record my DSLR from Screenflick?

There are two general approaches: Record the live view over HDMI with additional capture hardware, or get a macOS plugin which can pull it straight from the camera over USB.

Recording DSLRs

What is the Screenflick End User License Agreement (EULA)?

Screenflick EULA

How do I hide the mouse cursor in screen recordings?

If you've turned off the option to show the mouse cursor in your screen recording and you still see it, then most likely it's because macOS is forcing the cursor to be in the recording. In certain circumstances such as an external display being connected to your Mac, macOS must draw the cursor directly onto the screen, which means Screenflick (nor any other application) can't hide the cursor in the recording. This is a limitation specifically of the hardware and not Screenflick.

How do I make my exported movie file size smaller?

The file size of the resulting movies is completely dependent on the video compression settings you choose for the export. Screenflick assumes you have some knowledge of them because there are a lot of choices and trade offs for various applications, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, for a one-size-fits-most guideline, you can stick to using QuickTime exporter, selecting H.264 video compression, 96kbps AAC for audio compression, and use the "Quality" slider to determine the movie quality and thus, movie size.

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Why is the video dark when I record a game like "Amnesia"?

It's darker because the game alters the physical display's gamma curves. You just need to change the brightness in Screenflick before exporting.

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How can I get better recording performance?

There are three key factors to improving recording performance in Screenflick.

  • Make sure non-essential background processes using the CPU or hard drive are not running (such as Time Machine, Spotlight, etc).
  • Use the the smallest screen area you can in the recording. — The smaller the area, the less work Screenflick needs to do resulting in higher recording rates.
  • Adjust the recording quality in Screenflick's preferences. — See the Advanced tab in Screenflick's prefs and adjust the quality slider down a bit to affect how much CPU power is needed. The lowest quality setting uses quite a bit less CPU than the highest setting at the expense of some quality, which may not matter in your case.

When recording video games or other programs with high performance OpenGL graphics, make sure the game has V-Sync turned on. With V-Sync off, the frame rate of the game can go above the maximum of the display (and the chosen recording FPS in Screenflick) which can steal precious GPU processing power away from Screenflick.

How to record fullscreen games.

Some fullscreen games will change the screen resolution when they start. If the recording started before the game launched, this can cause the recording to stop. To handle this, use the "Record Fullscreen After…" feature and select when "Screen Resolution Changes". Also, read about some performance tips.

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When I playback the movie in Screenflick, why does it look choppy?

The movie preview in the export view of Screenflick is a rough preview, and can play back at a lower frame rate than the actual recording. For a true representation of the speed/smoothness of the recording, export it and watch it in QuickTime player.

Can I use AppleScript to Automate Screenflick Recordings?

Yes, for Screenflick 2. In Screenflick 3, use Automator instead.

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How to screen record your Mac?

How to screen record your Mac.