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Mac screen recorder with audio

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Version 2.7 — $35 — Requires macOS 10.12 or Later

Record Mac Games

Capture gameplay video on your Mac with audio.

Looking for a game recorder for your Mac? Look no further. Screenflick can record gameplay video on your Mac screen, as well as the game's audio, your own voice, team chat on other applications like Skype and Discord, and overlay video footage from your FaceTime camera.


Screenflick does it all.


All games shown were recorded at 1080p 60 fps, while playing fullscreen on a 27" iMac.


Work Less, Play More

Play at 5K + Record at 1080p = Maximum Performance

Screenflick has unique performance features to make sure it records every frame possible, and reducing the impact on the game's own performance. How? Screenflick has a custom capture engine tuned to make use of the powerful multi-core CPUs in all Macs. Clever features like live-scaling to capture the video exactly at a specified resolution gives you flexibility and improves performance. It's no fun playing a game in a small window because a budget or free screen recorder can only capture a small area without slowing down; With Screenflick, you don't have to. Play your game full screen, even at 5K 5120x2880 resolution(!), and Screenflick can record it all at exactly 1080p 60 fps, reducing the workload by over 7 times. Translation? 7 times better performance. Talk about winning!