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Version 3.0 — $35 — Requires macOS 10.14 or Later

Screenflick 3 Pricing

No subscriptions here!

What is a Screenflick 3 License?

When you purchase Screenflick, you can use version 3 and any of the free updates to it, forever. No monthly or annual subscriptions, no expiration, just a one-time payment and it's yours to use as long as you'd like.

Upgrade from Version 2 — $15

Enter your version 2 order number and the email address associated with that order to begin. If your version 2 purchase is recent enough (January 1, 2021 or later), then your upgrade is free and you will instantly receive your version 3 license key. If you don't have it handy, you can look up your order number.

Enter the email address you used when purchasing Screenflick 2 to validate your info.


Is this an auto-renewing subscription?

No! This is not a "subscription" — you are never automatically charged for anything, and you can keep using the version you purchased for as long as you want.

Is there a complicated license management scheme?

Nope! It's super simple. Just enter the license key and you're done within seconds.

Is support included with purchase?

Of course! Ask as many questions as you want, and it's free forever.

What is the User License Agreement?

See the User License Agreement for more info.

Are there academic discounts?

Yes! If you're a student, professor, or institution, send a request for a discount.

How many computers can I put Screenflick on?

You may put Screenflick on your primary and secondary computers (a desktop and a laptop for example), as long as you are the only person using Screenflick on both machines, otherwise you will need one license for each computer. This is designed to be flexible and fair.

If you have any questions about your existing license, future licensing, volume purchases or anything else, please ask!

New Features and Improvements in Screenflick 3

Faster Exporting

Exporting from Screenflick's flexible full-quality recordings is always continually being optimized, and now it gets even faster with up to 30% faster exports in some scenarios.

Smaller Exports

When using macOS Monterey, Screenflick can export H.264 movies based directly on the quality of the compressed video. This lets you have confidence in how the recording will look, and very often get smaller videos when fewer bits are needed for compression.

HTML5 Video

Video on the web comes in two flavors, and now you can mix and match! In addition to mp4/H.264/AAC, Screenflick can export to WebM files with VP8/VP9 and Vorbis audio.

Simple Choices, Same Power

Video and Audio encoding options can be confusing, which is why Screenflick has improved and simpler choices for export options while still retaining all the choices for advanced users.

HEVC Video

H.264 has been the standard for video encoding for over a decade, but change is well on its way, and HEVC-encoded video is here. With the new industry-standard HEVC, create higher quality movie files at the same size or smaller than before with H.264.

Camera- and Audio-only Export

Extracting just the camera or audio from a recording is now easier than ever, and nearly instantaneous, even when transcoding to a different audio codec or video file type.

On-Screen Controls

While recording, optionally display a movable floating window for stop/pause/resume, audio level monitoring, and easy access to volume control, device output, and drawing on your screen.

Easier System Audio Recording

Now easily change the system volume with the keyboard keys as you're used to, without it affecting the recorded audio's volume. While easy to do before, now it's even easier and prevents volume mishaps.

Live Camera Preview

Now when recording from a camera, you can display an on-screen preview of the video camera being recorded so you can see yourself during the recording.

Remove Webcam Background

Create a clean distraction-free webcam overlay by having Screenflick automatically remove the background. No fancy studio setup required. (But, it does require macOS Monterey.)

Scheduled Recording Start

Need to start a recording while you're not even at your computer? Now you can. Choose your recording settings as usual, pick an area of the screen, and then setup a schedule by specifying the start time and duration of the recording.


Ever recorded a video and wish you had selected a slightly different area of the screen? Need to change aspect ratios? No problem! You can now crop your recordings! And like trimming, it's not permanent so you can always change it again later.

Timelapse Preview

Screenflick is excellent at recording timelapse recordings, but now you can also watch a live preview of your timelapse speed-up/slow-down before you export the recording. And with audio too! This is a massive change so you can nail exactly the right speed.

In-App Live Preview

Watching a recording in Screenflick is now smoother than ever. With optimized performance, you can now watch the recording with a higher frame rate, even full-screen. You may not even need to export your recordings at all!


Screenflick now includes Automator actions allowing you to automate starting, stopping, and exporting Screenflick recordings. Using these actions you can incorporate Screenflick into a larger Automator workflow and even schedule recordings and export them automatically.

Dark Mode

You asked, we answered. You can now place Screenflick into "dark mode" even when macOS is in "light mode."

Freshened Up UI

The entire Screenflick interface has been refined to have the latest macOS look and feel, while still keeping the familiarity and all the features you love.


This is just the beginning! Screenflick 2 had hundreds of free updates to it over the years. Screenflick is constantly improving, adding new features and refinements. When you choose Screenflick, you're getting a lot of bangs for your buck.

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