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Mac screen recorder with audio

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Version 2.7 — $35 — Requires macOS 10.12 or Later

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Camera Overlays on Screen Recordings in Screenflick

In Screenflick, record from your Mac’s built-in FaceTime camera, an external webcam, or any other connected video camera — at the same time that you’re recording the screen.

Screenflick will overlay the camera video (a "picture-in-picture" overlay) on top of your screen recording at spot and size that you choose. You can even change your mind after the video has recorded, change the size, moving it, or even hiding it altogether, without having to make the recording all over again.

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Screenflick Camcorder icon Screenflick Camcorder

Companion app for Camera Recording with Audio

Screenflick Camcorder is a companion app to Screenflick, exclusively dedicated to recording high quality video from any connected video camera, high quality stereo audio from any connected microphone, and even record the audio playing from any application on your Mac.

Pause and Resume

Rather than having to take multiple movie files and stitch them together, yourself, with Screenflick Camcorder you can just pause the recording and resume when you're ready.

Record System Audio

Need to play an audio track from another application while you're recording? No problem. The audio playing anywhere on your Mac can easily be recorded at the same time.

High Quality & Fast

Record high quality movies immediately ready to upload, or even pixel-perfect ProRes format, for importing into separate video editing software.

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Download Screenflick Camcorder

Screenflick Camcorder is free to use for all registered users of Screenflick, and requires macOS 10.14 or later.