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Version 2.2.23 — $29 — Requires Mac OS X 10.6+

Mac Screen Recorder

You be the Director

Screenflick records anything shown on your screen. Record a movie of yourself creating an artistic masterpiece in Photoshop, or record a training video to teach someone how to use new software. Screenflick 2 is even plenty fast enough to record the latest 3D games.

Beyond the Screen

Screenflick can tap into user events like key presses and mouse clicks and highlight them in the movies you create. This is extremely useful for training videos and video podcasts, or wherever you use keyboard shortcuts. And of course, their appearance is customizable.

Live Scaling New_tag

Just because Screenflick can record your screen at its full resolution, doesn't mean you need to! For times when you want to record fullscreen but export at a lower resolution, you can now record at a smaller scale, saving precious CPU time and disk space.

Multiple Exports

Export movies multiple times at different scales and qualities. Record a movie once and create small low quality movies, large high quality movies, and even export to different file formats, without having to use another program.

Fast Recordings

Screenflick 2 contains an all-new recording engine which can capture large resolutions at high speed and high quality. By taking advantage of the the pixel-hungry graphics processor and multiple processor cores, Screenflick 2 attains outstanding performance when recording even the most demanding scenes on your Mac.

Time-Lapse Movies New_tag

Show off your hours-worth-of-work in a minutes-long movie. Record a movie at a super low frame rate and then speed it up on export to create time-lapse movies. Perfect for exhibiting your digital art skills.

Export Presets New_tag

In Screenflick 2 you can create presets for your video, audio, keyboard, and mouse options. Fine tune your settings and save them as a preset, so you can use them later in a snap.

Export Movie Formats New_tag

Screenflick creates QuickTime movies, but it also creates Flash f4v movies, movies formatted specifically for iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs, MPEG files, and can export to any other format, such as Windows Media, using any QuickTime plugins.

Microphone & System Audio

Screenflick captures live audio from the microphone of your choice, and all audio playing on your Mac. Silent movies are a thing of the past.

Pause & Resume New_tag

Sometimes life interrupts you, or you just need to take a break. When recording with Screenflick, it's not a problem; pausing the recording is a simple key-combo away. Simply press it again, and the recording continues right where you left off. No post-editing required.

Screen Camera Modes New_tag

Not only can you record the entire screen, but you can also record a specific area of the screen, keeping your movie focused as well as saving processing power for other applications and disk space. When recording an area smaller than the screen, you can also choose to have the "camera" smoothly follow the mouse cursor.

Recording Preview New_tag

Before exporting your screen recording, you can preview the movie with all of the keyboard and mouse options. Start, stop and scrub through your video with audio playback as well.

Smaller Recordings

Screenflick 2 impressively improves recording speed, but it does while also dramatically reducing the amount of disk space used by recordings. Even when recording four times as many frames per second, Screenflick 2 reduces the recording sizes by as much as an astounding 11x!

Watermarking & Metadata

Put your stamp on it. Before exporting your movie, you can drop in an image to "watermark" your movie so everybody knows you created it. You can also add metadata tags which will be embedded into the movie file.


Easy Setup

Pick a maximum capture rate, which audio devices to record, and off you go.

Keyboard Options

Choose how to show keyboard events so viewers can see shortcuts/commands and other key presses.

General Prefs

Screenflick's behavior is flexible to either always hide in the background, or be a full-UI app.

Mouse Options

Customize the appearance and duration of mouse click animations to your liking.

Export Formats

While QuickTime .mov files are supported on every Mac, sometimes you need to target your recording for iOS devices, Flash, Windows, or just a specific movie format.

UI Prefs

One great feature is Screenflick's ability to hide icons your desktop, making your movies cleaner.

Desktop Recordings

Screenflick is an excellent tool for capturing "normal" application usage. With its ability to record and display mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, movie viewers can follow every move you're making, without missing a beat.

Example Movie

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High Performance Capture

Almost nothing is more demanding on a computer than playing the latest 3D video games — except perhaps for high rate high resolution screen recording. Amazingly, with Screenflick 2, you can do both at the same time. Watch in 720p.

In the video below watch Screenflick record Minecraft, Unreal Tournament, Rage, Starcraft 2, and more.

Example Movie

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Upgrading from v1.6

Already a Screenflick user? Great! Screenflick 2 has been in the works for a long time, and it's finally here. As an owner of Screenflick 1.x, you can upgrade to Screenflick 2 for over 34% off - just $19. And if you purchased on or after April 1, 2011, your upgrade is free!

Important Reasons to Upgrade

Not sure you need to upgrade? Here are a few key reasons why you will want to:

Lion Compatibility

Changes in Mac OS X Lion forced all screen recording programs to be rewritten, and although Screenflick 1.6.15 works for now, to ensure Screenflick keeps on ticking you'll need to move over to Screenflick 2 which is fully Lion compatible and future-proof.

Big Disk Space Savings

Recordings in 1.6 that were long, high resolution, and had a high capture rate, could end up being very large pretty quickly. Screenflick 2's new recording engine saves over 10x times the disk space, and reduces the performance impact on the rest of the system in high demand situations.

Higher Capture Rates

Version 2 has an all-new recording engine which can record many more frames per second than Screenflick 1.6. Although 1.6 was fast and efficient at recording normal desktop usage, it wasn't optimal for recording 3D games and video. Version 2 on the other hand, records 4x the frames per second, while using less disk space too.

Features and Refinement

Beyond the critical things above, Screenflick 2 has many new features and refinements over 1.6 which make it better in every single way. Once you use it, you'll understand why you need to have it.


Big Performance Increases

Screenflick 2 has byte-sipping disk usage while greatly boosting recording performance.

Comparison to Screenflick 1.6 with full screen recording of 3D game running at 1680x1050 on 2008 Mac Pro.

Free Upgrade — For Qualifying Users

If you bought Screenflick 1.6 on or after April 1, 2011, you qualify for a free license key for Screenflick 2. Enter your order number and email address below, and you will instantly receive your license key. If needed, we can help you find your order number.

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Find Your License Key

If you need to retreive a lost license key or take a look at your order information, just enter your email address only and we'll email you your order info used with that address.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Can I still buy Screenflick 1.6?

Sure. Although 1.6 is no longer under development, if you need Screenflick 1.6 to run on Tiger (10.4) or Leopard (10.5), you can find the download link at the bottom of this page. Try it out and make sure it does what you need it to do. To purchase a license for it, go ahead and buy Screenflick 2 and then email us to retrieve your license for 1.6. This way you'll have a license for 2.x as well, which you can use when you do eventually move to 10.6 or later.

How do I record Skype calls?

It's easy! You can read an explanation here.

Why is the video dark when I record a game like "Amnesia"?

It's darker because the gamma alters the display's gamma. You just need to change the brightness in Screenflick. Read this for an explanation.

Why do I see a white and grey checkerboard when recording DVDs?

This is OS X's DRM at work. Read this for an explanation and work around.

Why isn't audio from this application being recorded?

When you start a recording with system audio turned on, Screenflick switches the system-wide default audio output device to the "Soundflower" virtual audio device, which Screenflick then uses as an input to record audio from. Some programs unfortunately will play all audio over a specific output device determined when the application launched rather than always using the current system setting which can lead to problems like this.

What needs to happen is the program playing audio needs to decide that it should play that audio to the Soundflower device, rather than your speakers. There are two ways this can happen.

  1. Launch the program which plays the audio after you start a Screenflick recording. (The system output device will be Soundflower and the program will therefore use it.)
  2. Before starting the program, go into System Preferences and change the system output audio device to "Soundflower (2ch)" manually, start the program which will play audio, and then start the recording in Screenflick when you're ready. (After the recording ends, don't forget to change the system output device back to your speakers.)
  3. A third option which doesn't always exist, is that the program playing audio may have a preference setting for which audio device to play audio to. Check the program's preferences just in case. If it does have a setting, set it to "Soundflower (2ch)" while recording.

You can read an in-depth explanation here.

How do I make my exported movie file size smaller?

The file size of the resulting movies is completely dependent on the video compression settings you choose for the export. Screenflick assumes you have some knowledge of them because there are a lot of choices and trade offs for various applications, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, for a one-size-fits-most guideline, you can stick to using QuickTime exporter, selecting H.264 video compression, 96kbps AAC for audio compression, and use the "Quality" slider to determine the movie quality and thus, movie size.

You can read an in-depth explanation here.

How can I get better recording performance?

There are three key factors to improving recording performance in Screenflick.

  • Make sure non-essential background processes using the CPU or hard drive are not running (such as Time Machine, Spotlight, etc).
  • Use the the smallest screen area you can in the recording. — The smaller the area, the less work Screenflick needs to do resulting in higher recording rates.
  • Adjust the recording quality in Screenflick's preferences. — See the Advanced tab in Screenflick's prefs and adjust the quality slider down a bit to affect how much CPU power is needed. The lowest quality setting uses quite a bit less CPU than the highest setting at the expense of some quality, which may not matter in your case.

When recording video games or other programs with high performance OpenGL graphics, make sure the game has V-Sync turned on. With V-Sync off, the frame rate of the game can go above the maximum of the display (and the chosen recording FPS in Screenflick) which can steal precious GPU processing power away from Screenflick.

When I playback the movie in Screenflick, why does it look choppy?

The movie preview in the export view of Screenflick is a rough preview, and can play back at a lower frame rate than the actual recording. For a true representation of the speed/smoothness of the recording, export it and watch it in QuickTime player.

Where are my old movies from Screenflick 1.6?

Screenflick 2 can't export videos created with version 1.6. If you have some old movies recorded with 1.6, you'll need to keep a copy of it around to export and then delete them when you're done with them. If you've deleted 1.6 already you can grab it again below.

Release Notes — Older Versions

If you need to grab an older version of Screenflick for some reason, you can do that here.

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