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Full control without getting in your way. (Or melting your brain.)

Viewing, searching, editing, importing, exporting, and structuring your MySQL databases has never been so easy. With Querious, you can even open up raw CSV or Tab files in a spreadsheet-like document. Need to rename or reorder the columns? No problem. Searching for data is a breeze, and you can even convert the whole file to another format in a snap!

Version 1.1.4 — $29 — Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later



Data security is paramount these days, and that's why Querious supports direct connections to MySQL over SSL and SSH tunneling using password or key authentication right out of the box.


Table Content

Viewing and editing table content with Querious is a breeze. Use the filter controls at the top of the view to focus on only the rows you need to see, using half-a-dozen logical operators, or a custom WHERE clause.


Table Columns

Querious has a great interface for defining table columns. Its straightforward and uncluttered design allows you to quickly see the table structure at a glance.


Indexes and Keys

Unlike other programs which simply show table indexes and keys as they are stored directly in the database, Querious shows them logically, so you don't have to understand the internal organization of the database management system.


Table Info

Check out some basic table information, set the storage engine type, string encoding defaults, and any documentation. Querious doesn't leave out the basics.


Custom Queries

Perform custom queries, taking advantage of syntax coloring and autocomplete, to do anything you want. Create tables, check user permissions, or perform a complex multi-join query when a simple search just won't do.


User Privileges

Managing user privileges "by hand" can be a pain. With Querious, you can effortlessly see and understand the privileges set for each user. Add and remove database-, table-, and even column-level privileges by simply clicking on checkboxes.


Import and Export

Querious can import and export data using SQL, CSV, and Tab files, allowing fine-tuned adjustments to adapt to any slight format differences between programs. Querious also has a unique interface for mapping columns in CSV and Tab files to columns in your database tables, so you can selectively import or export specific columns.


Query Collections

Why type the same queries over and over? Querious lets you store and organize queries right inside of the custom query view. It even intelligently remembers the successful queries you've run in the past.


Copy to the Clipboard

Need a quick way to get CSV formatted rows into another program? No problem. Querious lets you copy rows as CSV, Tab, or SQL for quick and easy transport between various programs.

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