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DMG Canvas builds disk images from template documents that you create. Simply design your disk image's appearance using the graphical editor and click Build. Each time you release a new version of your disk image, simply click Build again and DMG Canvas will pull together all

of the latest versions of your files. DMG Canvas also allows you to specify the license agreements displayed when the disk image is mounted, and use localized versions for non-English end users.

Version 2.1.5 — $15 — Requires Mac OS X 10.6+



Making disk images shouldn't be hard. With DMG Canvas, simply give your disk image a background image, drag and drop files onto the window view, and click Build. What you see in DMG Canvas is exactly how it will look in Finder.


Easy Backgrounds

Using the Background layout view, you can create great backgrounds for your disk images right inside DMG Canvas itself. Just drop in images, add customized text, and you're done in a snap.


Localized Licenses

Do you need your disk image to prompt a license agreement when mounted? Not a problem. Don't spend hours trying to figure it out yourself; Just put your license's text into DMG Canvas and you're done. It even supports styles and multiple languages.


Retina Background Images New_tag

In OS X Lion and later, Finder supports displaying Retina resolution images, allowing you to add Retina background images to your disk images. Your users (and potential users) will see your attention to detail before they even launch your application for the first time. Simply add a high DPI image to the document and DMG Canvas will automatically create a low and high resolution version (composited with any text objects you add in DMG Canvas), so the disk image looks perfect on both Retina and non-Retina displays.


Maximum Compatibility

Without DMG Canvas, disk images created in 10.6 or later will not display properly when mounted on OS X 10.5 and earlier. DMG Canvas solves this problem for you by carefully creating a disk image with maximum compatibility, such that a disk image built on the latest version of OS X will work all the way back to 10.4. DMG Canvas also lets you target 10.7+, which will automatically create Retina background images for your disk images. (Retina backgrounds are not supported in OS X before 10.7.)


Automated Workflow

Be lazy. DMG Canvas comes bundled with a handy little command line tool (dmgcanvas) which will make a disk image from a DMG Canvas document. Even though clicking the "Build" in DMG Canvas is a piece of cake, why click it if you don't need to? By using the dmgcanvas tool, you can integrate building your disk images into your normal build workflow, such as building an application in Xcode, so you won't even have to think about making a disk image. That's how good DMG Canvas is.


Work Like a Pro

DMG Canvas lets you create an unlimited number of disk images using the slick WYSIWYG designer. You can even add license agreements to your disk images, absolutely free. But when you register DMG Canvas, you also get access to the more advanced background layout view, and can use also use the 'dmgcanvas' command line tool for automating your workflow. Register DMG Canvas today and you can instantly start using these great time savers.

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