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The best MySQL tool for macOS

Why use Querious?

Try it out and the reasons will become obvious.

Made for macOS

Querious is made from the ground up exclusively for macOS. Sure, other software may be cross platform, but very often that "compatibility" comes at the great sacrifice of usability. They look clumsy, and worse, feel clunky because the standard behaviors you're used to in Mac applications simply aren't there. There's a reason other database applications have copied many of the innovative features and design of Querious.

Always Evolving

Unlike some other tools, Querious is constantly being updated. Since its initial release, there have been hundreds of updates, and there are plenty more to come. Many of the changes in Querious are direct and immediate results from user feedback.

Real Human Support

"Open Source" and "free" may sound like a great options, but if something is wrong, you have nobody directly responsible to rely on. With Querious, you're backed by the actual developer. Need a feature? Find a bug? Just get in touch and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you get a real answer. Really.


Don't just take our word for it. Here's some honest feedback from users:

I bought TablePlus… I think Querious is much easier to use by comparison and you’ve retained me as customer because the product is superior. You have a solid product that really performs well by comparison. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to renewing my license when the time comes.”
– Daniel A.

I have just begun to try your product Querious and it looks and feels great! I have been using Sequel Ace before but due to bugs I switched to Querious.”
– Stefan B.

I must say you are doing a tremendous job with Querious!! I've never seen an app continually get better all the time. The updates are great.”
– Robert F.

Querious is an awesome piece of software, so much quicker than the previous software I used (Navicat).”
– Ben D.

I just bought Querious, and I love it. Coming from Navicat your software is much easier to use.”
– Daniel B.

I use Querious multiple times a day everyday. Thanks for making a fantastic product. Thanks again for creating a wonderful piece of software. I rely on it heavily.”
– Eddy A.

Thanks for your amazing software. It is the fastest MySQL GUI client I've ever seen and besides it has a gorgeous UI.”
– Markus W.

First off, GREAT product! The best of its kind, and I've used quite a few. Keep up the great work!”
– Tim D.

This is crazy good! Very well done guys!”
– Sándor T.

I just purchased a license for Querious (migrated from Sequel Ace) and loving it so far.”
– Dragos S.

I’m really impressed by the feature set that Querious gives out of box.”
– Karunakar

It's such a step up from Sequel Pro, and it's very comforting to know that if something goes wrong there's a company behind it. Happy to pay for peace of mind and a rock-solid work tool.”
– Bruno M.

I've used a number of UI’s for MySQL on OS X, and Querious is hands-down the most pleasant experience.”
– Frank D.

LOVE Querious. It’s amazing.
– Zachary B.

I've been really impressed by the elegant design, after years of using Navicat ;).”
– Anthony V.

It is the better MySQL client. I have used Navicat but now I use your app.”
– Sergio C.

I’m testing out Querious and I like it more so far than Sequel Pro in almost every way.”
– Ryan O.

You folks are awesome, by the way. This is the first time I’ve ever seen an actual human response to an automated submit-a-crash dialog, and it reflects really well on your team and your product.”
– Phil W.

Seriously love this application.”
– Anand P.

I recently discovered Querious when looking for an alternative to MySQL Workbench. Your tool is a superior one and is much more performant… For this, I thank you.”
– Matthew C.

I want to say that I love Querious. It's fantastic.”
– Bruno T.

I’m trying out Querious as a replacement for Sequel Pro and so far it’s pretty great!”
– Chris

I'm a long time user of SequelPro but it's been crashing so I branched out and tried Querious -- you guys nailed it. I'm so impressed!!”
– Brandon B.

Just like to say top work on an awesome program — it has become an always-open application and a staple in my workflow. Goodbye Navicat.”
– Ke C.

First of all, congratulations for the wonderful product that is Querious. I tend to doubt the very bombastic advertising, but you really have the best product I have seen for the job.”
– José V.

I’ve been using Querious for a long time (more than a year I think) and I really love your product!”
– David L.

Thanks for your fantastic work an Querious. It's really fantastic.
– Philipp B.

I continue to be impressed by Querious and your torrid pace of development. It’s helped me so much.”
– Paul A.

I love Querious! Thanks for the awesome software you guys made.”
– Ankush D.