Querious 2

The best MySQL tool for macOS

Upgrade to Version 3

Have a license for v2? Take it up a notch.

What is a Querious 3 License?

With Querious 3, your license includes use of the current latest version and all updates to it released within the year following your purchase. After the one year period, new updates will require a renewed license to use. You can decide to renew your license later at any point, for the same price. Note that this is not a "subscription" — you are never automatically charged for anything, and you can keep using the version you purchased for as long as you want.

Upgrade Now — $25

Enter your version 2 order number and email address to begin. If your version 2 purchase is recent enough (February 1, 2019 or later), then your upgrade is free and you will instantly receive your version 3 license key.